Our project in Greenland is striking!


A dear lady from Germany (she has a Husky from a Spanish kil shelter, Lua) gives Robin Hood all her money, she changed into crowns and converts, donates and that is much, writes:

Dear Marion Löcker!

A few weeks ago I returned from a trip to East Greenland. The West Coast I already knew of two trips in the last few years, now I wanted to get to know the east of the country. On the sad fate of the dogs I had become thoroughly before continuing …

The suffering of the dogs so I have myself can see, and it has done infinitely sorry. I have often spoken with the dogs, but never dared to touch adult dogs. The pitiful howl, if you re going away from them was heartbreaking, and I can not forget it. Often, no doubt the argument: “There are no jobs and stuffed animals.” But one has the impression that they would like to cuddle ….

When I came to Tasiilaq, I could not believe my eyes: Here, most dogs have huts! But why this is so, I could not tell me until I looked at your website.

It’s great what you’ve accomplished! And that you have not given up! Now my question: Can I do anything? Petitions have been signed of course my husband and me. Also, I keep trying to tell of the suffering of the dogs, my fellow passengers, mostly have no idea, or here at home, when I talk about my travels. I also have 4,000 Danish kroner, which I would like to send you. Can you use Danish money or do you prefer Euro?

Much love from the Baltic Sea to Austria!
Bärbel Gloede