Today is World Animals Day


Robin Hood can not be as planned in Iraq.

But with our project partner Sulaiman Tameer Saed, we will still devote this day to the animals.
With our help Sulaiman can:
Feed andCARE medically for strays
Distribute brochures in pet shops and on the animal markets to clarify how to treat and keep animals (cats, birds, goats, sheep, wild animals such as bear and wolfbabies are sold there)
Sulaiman buys wild animals and leaves them free
Books on animal protection are distributed to children


We also thought of the Greenland dogs.
22,000 kg of high-quality dog ​​food travels by ship from Denmark to Greenland.
Robin Hood COVERS the freight charges.
The dog owners from the villages on the edge of the world are already waiting. And the dogs even more.

In Romania, 14 veterinarians have begun to stray animals, but also dogs and cats, which have owners, but the castration can not afford. In cities, in villages, there are more and more.

This program also runs in Siberia and Hungary. In Omsk, Gyor and Gyömöre.

In Armenia, our project partner Armen Hovsepyan already supplies stray animals. Has bought rabbits. Build dog huts.
And we are in the planning of a small animal shelter.
Particularly we want to care also abot those dogs, which are drawn up for dog fighting. We could already free one.
Two cows, which will be slaughtered in the near future, one of them highlypregnant, one still a calf, will be saved. Only put a sign against the exploitation of animals.
Also some rescued chickens will inhabit our small animal shelter.
Local people will be paid to take care for our animals, which is not much in Armenia.

Much more I could still report.
But you know where you find me. And I try to get all updates.

For today’s World Animals Day, please do not forget those animals that are very far from us. They need us too.

Thank you!