Robin Hood Animal Welfare was founded in 2010.

marion_hunde_neu Kopie

Chairwoman: Marion Löcker – She has been active in animal welfare for nearly twenty years. Marion lives with her four dogs and several fancy rats. She is vegan and tries to exclude animal suffering from her everyday life, for example, by using cruelty free cosmetics and household cleaners. Marion has devoted her life to animal welfare and animal rights.

Treasurer: Renate Löcker – She lives with her four cats in a quaint farm-like building in the beautiful Wachau region in Lower Austria. Renate is the boss of an advertising lettering company. She lives vegetarian and strictly organic. Renate helps animals and people in need and supports them.

Secretary of the Meeting: Walter Gugler – He is married to Renate and lives with her and her four cats. Due to his manual skills and creativity, Walter ia a valuable asset to Robin Hood. He lives vegetarian and strictly organic too, which reflects all over their house.


Our two ladies from Controlling and Audits

Elfi Hackl. She also takes care of Marions animals, whenever she is travelling for animals abroad. Elfi and her husband provide a little paradise for some ducks that live with them and a dog. Elfi loves providing for animals in need, and regularly spoils the animals that are with Robin Hood. Elfis husband Toni supports his wife’s animal advocacy work in every way he can, which we are very grateful for. Without Elfi, international animal rights work would just not be possible for Robin Hood.

Ilse Ruspekhofer is always available when animals need her help, be it cats or a lonely parakeet, making time in a foster home. Ilse gave a home to two cats, and she frequently sits cats. She is vegetarian, and passionate dogwalker to the Robin Hood dogs.

Our shop representative:


Katrin Piber – the animal lover and vegan is highly engaged in Robin Hood. Although she and her dog go to work every day together and share a workspace, they still find time to help with Robin Hood. She is running our online store, filling all orders and answering any question you might have.

Our Animal Rehoming Lady:


Caroline Malleier lives in an apartment by Wieselburg with her dog “Chanel”. She is a vegetarian and does without products that harm animals. She is responsible for placing rescued animals. She is looking forward to giving one or two more dogs a home, when the joint house with her partner is finished.