Robin Hood Running Team

The running team was founded in 2017 and by now there are already 52 members and counting. 
There is also a team in Germany, called the Robin Hood Running Team Germany with currently 33 members.
We have supporting runners from the Switzerland, Romania and the interest in general is steadily growing.

Why is that the case?

Because sports, a healthy way of living and animal welfare belong together!
Our goal is to reach as many people as possible. 
On the one hand to eat and live healthier and if possible without causing suffering to animals.
On the other hand, also because we want people to know about our work and perhaps gain their support.

It might be a full marathon, half marathon, 10km or triathlon, you could run all on your own, at an event, in a group or simply go for a short evening run. 
Everything is possible.
Our active runners use Robin Hood running shirts to spread our message throughout the world: Respect for all creatures.

Join the Team!

If you would also like to join the running team, there is a facebook group you can join or you can just get in touch with us through social media or e-mail.
 (there is also a seperate group just for Germany)

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