How it began

Robin Hood heard about a private zoo in Gyumri, where bears and lions are starving and that’s why we organized food transports.
We wanted to help the animals and so I traveled to Armenia. However, the bears could be helped by another organization who brought them to a bear conservation center in Romania, where they have a good life. Robin Hood has visited them.
Also the lions were saved.
But the trip to Armenia has not been senseless.
Many stray dogs and -cats are living there under difficult conditions and many of them are shot every day.
In Gyumri we met Armen Hovsepyan, a young animal lover. Since then he has been our project partner on site.

With Armen I was traveling in Armenia and he showed me his beautiful country, that`s however full of animal suffering. The people are poor, the animals are even poorer.
In the streets of Gyumri you can see a lot of strays. They are fought by shooting, slaying and poisoning. They are looking for some food in the waste.

It`s a hard and short life for the poor animals.

There are no castration projects. Noone pays them, nobody does it.
Armen takes care of stray animals. He organized the building of doghouses. And he always rescues animals. A cow, rabbits, chickens, a fighting dog …

What are we going to do?

We want to build a bridgehead for animal protection in Armenia:

  • At least we need to build doghouses for the first rescued dogs, so that they are protected from rain, cold and heat.
  • We are looking for a suitable building or facility where a small shelter can be set up for emergencies.
  • We want to get in contact with the city administration again and take care to stop the killings.
  • In Cooperation with the town of Gyumri we want to start a castration campaign.



February 2016

Trip to Armenia

Visit in Gyumri – meeting with the project partner Armen Hovsepyan

Appointment with the deputy mayor
Rescue of rabbits from the animal market

We start feeding stray dogs and –cats


Summer 2016

Construction of doghouses and rabbit shelters

Spring 2017 

Beginning with a provisional, small animal shelter

Autumn 2017

Other animals are saved from certain death like Chickens and a cow (she is a symbol for the animal welfare in Armenia in the future)


March 2018

More doghouses are built.

Armen is looking for a parcel of land for our shelter. Our plans are becoming more concrete.