Castration Projects in Romania, Hungary and Siberia

Why it makes sense to break new ground

For years, Robin Hood offers a program with veterinarians to castrate dogs and cats for free. The offer applies to animals brought by their owners, but also for stray animals. More and more vets are taking part, also more and more cities. But again and again I realized that especially in the villages, where the population often has no car, no one cares about the many stray dogs.

In summer 2016 we started the first castration campaign “in the field”. This project seemed expandable for me. A medical tent was bought by the German army. Also a used field operating table from the Austrian army was available as second-hand goods. With this equipment and great vets we have castrated in July 2016 in two villages. In Ideciu de Jos and in Iernut, both in Transylvania, dogs and cats could be castrated.

Many volunteers were there, because we had shared flyers in advance, there was also a spot on TV. Animal owners and shepherds came with their animals … strays were caught; dogs were picked up by gas stations and building companies and so on. 17 Romanian veterinarians in various cities are already participating in the program. They castrate strays and animals whose owners have too little money. They also organize castration days in different villages.

Cats, dogs, female and male animals. The prices are between 16 and 26 euros, depending on the species, sex and weight. We think this is the only way to prevent more stray animals. Because many dogs and cats walk freely on the streets, reproduce, although they are not really strays . The young animals could be killed or they are simply released. And reproduce again … The misery becomes bigger and bigger.

We would like to expand this project and support it with school lectures, even with those who are on the margins of society – the Sinti and Roma. We also visit them, talk to them, clarify. We give clothes and small gifts. They give us their understanding.

But also in Hungary, more precisely in Györ and Gyömöre, we have two projects. Thanks to two wonderful women who bring the animals for castration, therefore, many dogs and cats were operated. But also medical emergencies are treated, as you can see in all other projects.

In Siberia, in Omsk, there is a whole network of animal friends bringing animals to hospitals for treatment and castration. Private animal friends then offer foster homes. The distant Siberia shows us how to handle it. And it works very well.

How does it work?

Animals are brought to the vet, either by volunteers or by the pet owners themselves. The animals are castrated, photographed, and the data of the owners are recorded. The vet sends the bill every month, Robin Hood transfers the money. Thus, everything is understandable and transparent.

We are trying to expand this project, but even with the relatively low prices for veterinarians, there is a large sum to pay each month. The greater the support, the more animals we can castrate and treat.



Start of castrations in Gyömöre / Hungary


Start of castrations in Györ / Hungary


Start of castrations in Omsk / Sibirians


Start of castrations in Reghin with Dr.Attila Benkö


Visit to Omsk / Siberia & the first “in the field”- castrations


Start with castrations in the villages, start with castration days in Ideciu de Jos and Iernut


Castration days in different villages & 17 veterinarians partizicipate on the program in Romania


Meeting with all veterinarians, further strategic planning

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