A successful day in the park of Reghin/Romania for animal protection!

Robin Hood has once again carried out an effective event to improve the lives of dogs in Romania.

We drew attention to our adoption program at a gathering in the beautiful park of Reghin, where we pointed out that there is a requirement to be neutered and microchipped. And that precisely because this law is neither respected nor punished, the number of dogs is increasing. Every day we find dogs tied up in front of our animal shelter, puppies in plastic bags, dogs simply thrown over the fence. There are currently almost 400 dogs in the municipal animal shelter and the private animal shelter Fiducia, 30 of which are puppies. Things cannot and must not continue like this!

We brought 5 little “rockstars” with us to the park, 5 puppies representing the many dogs looking for a new home. They were very well behaved, many children petted them and loved them.

ProTV television was also there and conducted an interview with Robin Hood and our veterinarian Dr. Benko Attila Oszkar. Later they also visited our animal shelter, which they were very impressed with.
Tomorrow, on Saturday morning, it will be broadcast on ProTV and Antena 1. Thank you for that!

Many thanks also to Cristina Friciu’s students who actively supported us.

Many thanks also to Amalia Vasilescu, who reported on this event in advance!

Tomorrow we have an open day at the animal shelter and we really hope that many animal lovers will find their way to us!