Iraq: We came to stay

That means that Robin Hood not only helps when it is acute, no, we help permanently and in countries where animal welfare is still a foreign word.
So also in Kurdistan / Iraq.
We have been working with KOARP and the tireless, fantastic Sulaiman Tamer Saed since 2015.
He is a veterinarian and helps stray animals as well as wild animals. Together, we have already achieved a lot on site, including when it comes to education and improved posture.
With the help of Robin Hood, Sulaiman is on the road every day to save lives.
Now we are going one step further: Sulaiman’s modest “clinic” is to be expanded so that we can help even more animals so that they can stay there after operations. Sulaiman drives his SUV, which functions as a mobile clinic, through Kurdistan every day. And finds new fates every day.
Robin Hood will continue to stand by his side. We hope you support us in this. Thank you!

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