La revedere, Lidia:

A great woman has now gone over the Rainbow Bridge, joining the many dogs who have gone before her. 

Lidia Maier started the Fiducia shelter in Reghin, Romania with her own modest means before she met Robin Hood. Robin Hood has been helping on the ground there for so many years now, I can’t even remember when we started, 15 years ago? Or longer?

Dear Lidia, the Fiducia shelter is not the same without you. But I know that now that you are here, you are happy with your dogs and you are holding your protective hand over us, who still have to fight here for a little while longer, for all the innocent creatures that humanity makes life difficult for. 

Please Lidia, give me the strength to hold on, because I am already at the end after 31 years of intensive animal protection and animal rights work. How I would love to sit with you on a flower meadow, surrounded by our beloved animals…but there is still a lot to do here – not least in your sense and in your name. 

Dear Lidia, you were like a close relative to me, in so many ways we thought alike. 

You were a great diplomat who skilfully negotiated with everything and everyone in the interests of the animals.

You will be with us every day, with the dogs and give us strength. 

But now rest after your long suffering, for as I had it written on my father’s grave: “Behind the clouds the soul rests from dying.” We will meet again soon, time is but a hummingbird’s wing beat. 

I miss you endlessly.