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La revedere, Lidia:

A great woman has now gone over the Rainbow Bridge, joining the many dogs who have gone before her.  Lidia Maier started the Fiducia shelter in Reghin, Romania with her own modest means before she met Robin Hood. Robin Hood has been helping on the ground there for so many years now, I can’t even …

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1000 thanks…

…to the “Umbacher Spitze”, who don’t forget their dog buddies in Greenland and Romania. The net proceeds of the great raffle went to Robin Hood and his dogs! Many thanks to all who made this possible!

Happy Easter?

Easter – a bad time for lambs…everywhere – when and where Easter is celebrated, they are murdered. In Romania, the Orthodox Easter is a little later, but here too they are killed. But there are also people in Romania who care about the sheep and lambs. Robin Hood has been supporting Magdalena in Ludus for …

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