Another successful castration campaign in Romania!

The castration campaign of Robin Hood in Ideciu de Jos in Romania turned out to be a great success!

Many thanks to the committed animal rights activist Niculina Varga! Once again we were allowed to set up our operating tent next to her house so we could castrate dogs and cats. Additionally she provided us with drinks and food, electricity and water.


Two veterinarians work without a single break from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. A total of 18 female cats and one tomcat were neutered, 8 female dogs and 4 male dogs. 

31 fewer animals now have to worry about their offspring. Many puppies and even fewer kittens are born now. Often they are only born to have to leave this world again suffering miserably. What were they born to do? I often ask myself this question. That’s why castration, even though it is a major intervention in an animal’s life, is the only way to prevent this. And the mothers also only have worries and stress because of their babies, where they themselves often already have to fight for survival.


Many people brought stray cats, but also their own dogs. In Romania there are fewer and fewer real strays, but more and more animals that have an “owner” but one who doesn’t care whether their dog has offspring. Castration and microchipping are actually mandatory in Romania, but hardly anyone sticks to it. We are constantly trying to persuade the authorities to finally monitor this more closely and also punish perpetrators.
Because the animal shelters are overcrowded, cost a lot of money and don’t offer animals the best life possible. Robin Hood is increasingly working on education campaigns, adoption programs, going to schools, talking to authorities, conducting neutering programs in the hope that all of these efforts will eventually bear fruit!


Thanks to everyone who helped, thanks to Niculina Varga, Benko Attila Oszkar and another veterinarian.


Thank you to all of Robin Hood’s donors who make this work possible!


Thank you on behalf of all animals