Open day at Reghin animal shelters!

On October 7th, 2023 we had open day at the Reghin animal shelters, the municipal animal shelter as well as the private Fiducia animal shelter.

Even though there could have been more visitors, but it was another important step!

A puppy has been reserved for adoption by a young woman. In two weeks she will be able to take him with her, as now he is still too young.

With a petition to the city administration (there are elections next year!) we are appealing for the castration and chipping law to finally be complied with and punished. Many have already signed and we will hand this petition over to the city administration of Reghin.

We have almost 400 dogs in the animal shelters and there are more every day, tied up in front of the animal shelter, thrown over the fence, disposed of in plastic bags, even puppies with their mother…

There are hardly any stray dogs left, all of these dogs have owners! That must have an end!

We would like to thank everyone who found their way to us, who supported our donation box, who was interested in our dogs.

We were able to have good conversations with helpful ideas, and a journalist from zi-de-zi was with us for a long time, he worked with the dogs and conducted interviews with us – a real animal lover!

Thanks also to the employees at the animal shelter who stayed extra long.

Robin Hood says thank you to everyone on behalf of our dogs!