November 1st – World Vegan Day

Today we not only remember the deceased who are waiting for us on the other side, whether human or animal.

Today we especially remember those who are (still) alive.

All those animals who have to suffer and die for our dubious enjoyment, for our “food”.

However, the question has to be asked: Who can feed themselves on dead creatures?

Today, November 1st, is World Vegan Day.

The only way to finally end this immense animal suffering.

And ultimately save our little blue planet.

Sacrifice? Sacrificing what? Shopping at the morgue and preparing the cold body parts of the deceased?

Veganism offers a solution. Instead eat without producing animal suffering. Everything that can be prepared from animal ingredients, but plant-based.

If you need help with this – we vegans are happy to help you!

Also take a look at our recipe page:

Let us no longer allow this daily, global nightmare of poor animal husbandry, torturous transport and cruel slaughter.

Before you judge, go within yourself and think, silently…because…we are right.

The animals say THANK YOU!