Police on horseback – onwards into the past!

The Interior Ministry implicitly wants to establish a mounted police and tries to enforce this plan against the will of many animal friends and taxpayers.
So let’s say together „No“ to this nonsense project!

Your signatures will go directly to the Secretary of the Interior Herbert Kickl.

Dear Mr.Federal Minister,
The police in Vienna is armed „armed“ with 24 horses. As if the never-ending suffering of the Fiaker horses isn’t bad enough, now also police horses are used for dubious and tormenting tasks.

What is it good for? This question is not just asked by animal rights activists.

But one thing is for certain, the victims will once again be the animals.


  • Again and again horses were injured in different applications in the past (for example in Germany)
  • Horses are flight animals, their use as police horses means stress in pure strain
  • Animals can always get out of control, so people could also be endangered
  • Police training is not appropriate to the species: As it can be read in the “Kurier” of 26thJan. 2018:

“The training, which needs at any rate one year per animal, might also cause trouble. In a first step tennis balls are thrown against the horses to prepare them for attacks. The attacks will be increased step by step to make them more resistant, for example against boulders.”

Another important question:

What will happen to the animals when they are not used anymore? It can´t be assumed that the state will feed the horses until they will die.

And we all pay a high price for it: Also in the “Kurier” from the 26thJan. 2018 you can read:

“The costs for the mounted patrols might be enormous: Current estimates assume about 10,000 euros per animal for the acquisition, the daily supply for a horse will be between 30 and 40 euros. The targeted 24 horses alone would cost around 350,000 euros per year – without the salaries of the riding police officers and the stable employees.”

We don`t want even more animal suffering on our streets!

We don`t want this waste of tax money!

We don´t want and we don`t need no police horses!

Best regards,