Beaver Rescue in Hofstetten – Grünau

Renate Löcker and Walter Gugler, Robin Hood – always actively participating in animal welfare work. 🙂

The event to save the beavers at the pond “Sehnsucht” in Hofstetten Grünau took place this weekend under a beautiful blue sky and a lot of sunshine. 17 helpers coated trees and bushes with a special substance, consisting of quartz sand and binding material and also partially used lattice. Why? There is a capture or kill permit on the beavers, as the local authority is scared, that they could be dangerous for humans. The Problem: The local authorities are at fault and liable if something were to happen, which, incidentally, is madness. The current legal framework would urgently need to be changed.
Robin Hood was allowed to start this endeavour at our own expenses. We sincerely hope that the beaver couple is going to migrate and does not get caught in the trap, as then, they would be allowed to be killed. A huge thank you to everyone who was involved in the event and showed a heart for beavers.
Also, another huge thank you to the restaurant Sehnsucht, ( who treated us with two different vegan meals. A vegan option is supposed to always be on the menu in the future.
A special thank you goes to our board member Walter Gugler, who spent many a night researching, to find the most optimal substance to coat the trees with, who planned and oversaw everything.

Thanks, Walter!
Also thank you to the newspapers “Heute”, “Bezirksblätter Pielachtal” and “NÖN” for coverage.
Below links to said articles (in german language).

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