Insects as food are not an alternative!

The topic of insects as food is currently on everyone’s lips. People think they have finally found the panacea in the daily struggle to feed the world’s population. Finally enough protein for everyone! And cheaper and with less animal livestock. Once again, we are overlooking the most obvious and simplest solution that provides food and supplies without detours – plants! Humans probably have to eat animals at all costs to complete their menu. But insects also have to be fed, kept in masses, killed. Is that supposed to be an alternative? Why don’t we just eat plants instead of feeding them?

Plants contain many times more protein than animals of any kind can ever provide.

Plants are also ahead of the game in terms of climate and environmental protection, there’s no denying that.

But animals taste sooo good? Then you must have missed out on proper vegan cooking!


The German-speaking biologist Mark Benkecke sums up in his article why insects are not an alternative.