Happy Easter?

Easter – a bad time for lambs…everywhere – when and where Easter is celebrated, they are murdered.

In Romania, the Orthodox Easter is a little later, but here too they are killed.

But there are also people in Romania who care about the sheep and lambs.

Robin Hood has been supporting Magdalena in Ludus for a long time, she has sheep, dogs, cats…helping the animals of a deceased lady in a village further away…she fed and took in the animals, Robin Hood made this possible.


Now we received another call for help from Magdalena, she has a sheep that broke its hind leg 7 weeks ago. The treatment at the vet failed, now it underwent surgery again and the results look promising. 

Robin Hood helped Magdalena to pay the vet bill.


Unfortunately the leg had to be amputated, but the brave animal walks with three legs, Magdalena has a small yard where the sheep are safe.

Let’s keep all fingers, paws, claws and hooves crossed for this Easter miracle sheep!

Thanks also to Magdalena for her tireless efforts!

Thank you to all our supporters who make it possible for us to help!


Happy Easter without animal suffering!