Unsere Robin Hood-Helden in der Krise Teil 1

Unser erster Held ist Dr.Sulaiman Tameer Saed aus Kurdistan/Irak.

Sein Wille, Tieren zu helfen, ist selbst in der Corona-Krise ungebrochen!

Hier sein Report für den Monat April:

We use more than ( 15 )items of medicine , vaccine  minerals, disinfect , vitamins, de –worming and equipment that was very important to use for working animals some of them give with food or injection , some of them use for de-worming, some of them use for clean wounds.

We able to treated 27   stray dogs , 9 street cats and 5 birds. Most of them was prophylactic treatment, vaccination, wound ,deworming, weakness, mange ,diarrhea, eye infection, genetic new born , fracture, external deparasiting. Feeding more than 45 stray cats and dogs .

Für einen Kettenhund ist er mehr als 60 km gefahren:

Dear Marion 


today more then 60 KM i went to treat this dog according to curfew.

He suffered mange, and fixed with chain, and owner was afraid to go close to him so I treat mange, change the chain with leash and gave some advice to owner how to give food, water and take care with grooming, deworming.

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